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Students and Teachers

Curriculum inspired by teachings of Trinity College of London and IIM, Bangalore.

Age specific programs with unique lesson plans for every class.

An interactive classroom style to ensure that learning is fun.

At In-Fluent, we believe that every student has the potential to excel in the art of communication.

Our Programs

Club Activity

Engage us to improve student’s confidence, creativity and fluency through a proven 30 hour program conducted weekly


Prepare your students to speak with impact – Short duration workshops for Debates, Group Discussions, Interviews, Presentations, Conversation Skills

Summer Camp

Encourage your students to build the essential life skills of leadership and communication through drama based techniques over a 20 hour summer camp

Teacher Development

Enable your staff to be the best version of themselves: Giving Feedback, Classroom Management, Creative teaching techniques, Poetry, Story telling and Public Speaking

Classroom Activities

Performance Poetry

Develop relevant vocabulary and improve diction and pronunciation through the best of children’s poetry.

Improvisations & Role Play

Develop contextual language skills through theatre based activities and real life conversations.

Public Speaking

Improve voice modulation, body language and self confidence through monologues (extempore and prepared)

Debating & Group Discussions

Learn the art of expressing opinions and engaging a group to prepare for the professional sphere.


Create and share engaging stories that expand vocabulary and perfect facial expressions.

Reading for Performance

Enjoy a variety of books in the classroom and learn to engage an audience while reading aloud.

Client Partners

Teacher Workshops

Continuous Professional Development Workshops for teachers helps both teachers and non-teaching staff to speak more fluently & enable them to influence the students’ communication skills.


Poetry to appreciate pronunciation and diction as well as grammar and vocabulary.


For efficient handling and effective information exchange in the class.

Classroom Conversations

Role plays to help improve feedback, appreciation, giving instructions, listening skills.

Creativity & Confidence

Public Speaking through story-telling, presentations and speeches.

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