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Satisfied Parents

Our Courses

4-7 Years

Fun With English 

  • Platform to practice speaking
  • Poems, fun vocabulary building games, books and songs
  • Every Thursday 4:30 pm

7-9 Years

Write & Recite

  • Enhance vocabulary and language fluency
  • Reading out loud, small speeches, tongue twisters and poetry
  • Every Saturday 11 am


  • Story creation and storytelling
  • Focus on voice modulation
  • Builds confidence and improves writing skills
  • Every Monday 4:30 pm or Wednesday 4 pm  

Poetry People

  • Discovers language, focuses on voice modulation, gestures and body language
  • Every Sunday 4pm

Say it Short

  • Learn how to convey thoughts in a short, crisp and impactful manner
  • Idioms, metaphors and expressions along with right use of words
  • Every Friday 4:30 pm or Sunday 11 am

9-11 years

Get creative; Roald Dahl

  • Storytelling and performance using Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes
  • Every Tuesday 4 pm

Speaking steady

  • Enhances ability to speak on the spot without a topic given beforehand (extempore)
  • Aids thinking and speaking skills
  • Helps write down thoughts faster and better
  • Every Monday 5 pm

Persuasive people

  • Elaborates on the necessary skills and techniques to convince and influence
  • Every Saturday 11 am

11-13 years

Dumbeldore’s Army

  • Learn advanced vocabulary, writing skills, speech (creation and dictation) and debating skills
  • Every Thursday 6 pm

Speaking steady

  • Elaborates ability to speak on the spot without a topic given beforehand (extempore)
  • Aids thinking and speaking skills and helps write down thoughts faster and in a better manner.
  • Every Friday 4 pm

Persuasive people

  • Elaborates on the necessary skills and techniques to convince and influence
  • Have the power to compel, persuade or convince someone through debating
  • Every Sunday 11 am

13-16 years

Next level Debating & Extempore Extravaganza

  • Focuses on the advanced skills required in order to conduct debates in a healthy competitive manner.
  • Expressive body language, use of appropriate vocabulary, turn-coat debates and persuasive language
  • Structured thinking, confident body language, voice modulation, voice projection
  • Every Saturday 4 pm

Glimpse of Our Classes


Palash enjoyed the classes and I think he liked the vibrancy u kept extending all throughout !! So kudos.. keep doing well and best wishes! "You are awesome too.." guess this is how you used to wind up the sessions Stay safe!

- Shilpa Rameja, Palash's mother
The Gaudium School: International School, Hyderabad

Just wanted to let you know that my son Adhrit really enjoyed Nikita Ma'am's class and he used to look forward to the classes. Please convey our appreciation to the concerned facilitator.
Thank you."

- Arpita, Adhrit's mom
Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata

'In-Fluent Learning' experience has been one of the best experience virtually especially for a language. Really appreciate the teachers who are so dedicated and patient, and who are always ready to reply in detail to every question by the children. My son is 8 years old, it's been a few months now he is taking the virtual sessions. More than me he is so eager to attend the classes, and really look forward to it. I hope to continue these classes and would also like to recommend for new children.

- Shefali Mahajan, Rayansh's mother

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A. In-Fluent is a platform where we make learning powerful, fun and interactive. Children look forward to our classes not only because they are fun, but also because the teachers are like their friends to them. We believe dedicating one hour of your week towards enhancing your communication skills for a prolonged time is the key to becoming an effective communicator.
A. We do not teach grammar. However, we always correct the child in this area where possible.
A. Our live classes focus on the human touch. Learning is best when it’s a two-way communication between the student and the teacher. It gives an opportunity to understand how well the child is grasping and tailor it as per their need as well as offer a platform for them to interact.
A. We recommend using a desktop screen or a laptop. However, if unavailable the child can use a smartphone or a tablet.
A. Enhancing your communication skills is a continuous process. For this, we offer various levels of each module. After completing 12 classes of level 1 your child has the option to move to level 2 of that module.
A. We strongly advise against missing any class. If the class is cancelled by the teacher, we shall organise another one. However, if you do miss a class, we will try to bring the child up to speed before by fixing a 1-1 short session or after the class through a quick conversation one on one. The content will also be available online for self -study.
A. Our classes take place on Zoom. It is a safe environment as we are strictly following the Advisory issued by the Cyber Coordination Centre, Govt. Of India such as changing meeting ids, issuing passwords, locking the meeting rooms, enabling waiting rooms, etc.
A. Charges for the 3 month program (12 classes) are INR 3600. Payment can be done through Instamojo, PayTM or a bank transfer.
A. Our program is certified. After the completion of 12 classes the child gets a certificate for the level they have completed.

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