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All programs are customised after discussion with the client on the expected outcomes, learning needs and participant background. Our methodology is highly interactive and participants learn by experiencing. Programs are usually spread over two days of activity based learning, expert inputs and self-reflection. Role play simulations, case studies, theatre based techniques, videos are all an integral part of the workshop. We strongly recommend an appropriate assessment before the workshop to allow us to customise it effectively and a webinar for all participants 2 weeks after the program to check on the progress with the learning agenda.

Executive Presence

This workshop is aimed at people who are in leadership positions and want to deepen their gravitas which includes decisiveness, integrity, confidence, emotional intelligence and building reputation. It could also include modules on impactful communication.

First Time Leadership

This program is aimed at people who have recently moved from being an individual contributor to developing teams and handling bigger challenges. We will share tools for effective delegation, an understanding of leadership styles and techniques for powerful conversations.

Speak with Impact

This module includes focus on one on one communication such as giving feedback, asserting yourself and disagreeing gracefully. It also includes one to many communication such as presentation skills. It can be customised for sales team, senior teams, campus hires etc.

Campus to Corporate

Induction programs are a key to the journey of new hires to acclimatise them to the challenges that they will face in the work environment. This program helps them break ice, increase self awareness, understand possible challenges and acquire tools to cope with them. 


The Corporate Skills workshop conducted by Kanu Priya was by far one of the best workshops I have attended. The reasons being an interactive approach to learning, involvement of every single individual and the connect which was built during the workshop. Through several practical examples from our own extracts of life, she was able to depict and emphasise on some very important and extremely practical ways to improve our leadership skills, hone our networking and change our small day to day habits to achieve long term goals.

– Devansh Batra, Anand Group

Kanupriya is a very confident and eloquent facilitator. She is unambiguous, assertive and has a huge presence in the room. Her ability to hold the audience in rapt attention provides her an enviable edge as a Trainer. I am sure she will leave an indelible mark in her profession of training while soaring to greater heights.

– Sumit Mukherjee, Indus Towers

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