Our Programs

In-Fluent Learning works with graduate and post graduate students across streams to help them in the critical area of leadership and communication. These courses can be customised for different age groups. They aim at preparing students for the professional context. The high level of peer engagement and participant centricity makes them very relevant to the students’ current context. The format of these programs varies from short duration workshops to full length courses and are all customised for each partner. 

Leading Self

Take home a strong foundation of leadership and its components. Explore your own leadership potential and enhance this capability.

Leading Others

Understand how to lead teams and influence stakeholders through interactive exercises on inter personal skills and self belief.

Group Discussions & Interviews

Learn the best practices for excelling in group discussions and cracking personal interviews by practising it with our team of facilitators.

Resume Building

Present your best self on a single page and get the recruiter’s attention. Learn how to format, tailor and wordsmith your resume to share your strengths.

Client Partners

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