The little changes that matter !

In today’s world, a student’s calibre is generally judged by his marks. So if he scores marks above a certain percentage he is considered intelligent and after completing school will get through most of the best colleges/universities. However, if the child is not in that category, people  say, “Well don’t worry; there are so many […]

Diamonds in the rough

Being a facilitator with In-fluent over the years has given me the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people, from school students to college going young adults, and men and women ready to take their first step into the corporate world. My experiences have been as many and varied as the people I […]

Joy of teaching

Here I was, with years of corporate work experience and none whatsoever with schools. When I joined In-Fluent Learning, the first question was ‘Do you want to teach?’ I was also unsure. After all, for all these years I had been dealing with adult learners, as part of my training and development background. But I […]

Street Smart over Book Smart

Adding a feather to your cap These days we hear many crying out loud- ‘get things done’,’ no-nonsense’, ‘move fast’, ‘work smart’, be Street Smart. After all, what is this street smartness? I call it being educated beyond one’s intelligence. Survival skills cannot be taught in books. Unlike book smarts, who have just experience of […]

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