Whatever comes my way, I smile and greet!

Best of luck, all the best, take care, good morning, good night- greetings we use throughout the day. How do you think these greetings help?  Why do children wish their teachers and teachers wish them back? Why do the employees in the office fill the environment with good morning wishes. Why does a father kiss the forehead of his little one and wish him a good day?
Because wishes are not mere words. They are blessings.

Sometimes these words become not just greetings to someone but a reason to smile, a benediction they are longing for. Greetings are not merely words but high energy blessings where we firmly believe that only nice things should happen with the other person.

I once heard a story of a doctor who was new to an apartment complex. He lived alone and practiced nearby. As he walked to his clinic every day, he had a habit of greeting everyone he met- liftman, front desk supervisor, security guard, neighbour, gardener, cab driver or even a street vendor. He greeted all of them gladly, sometimes even stopping to do so, before moving on. He didn’t bother about people not answering back. He didn’t bother if the weather was not great. He didn’t care if people mocked the gesture behind him. It was as if his simple and singular mission was to leave everyone happier than how he found them. He knew that his greetings were not just a phrase. They carried pure feelings and energy of blessings. As a doctor, he knew the power of blessings and good energy. He believed community health to be as important as personal health. Days went by and he continued to follow this beautiful practice. The doctor was soon successful in his efforts. More patients were attracted to his clinic for his healing energy, besides his medical prowess. His neighbourhood picked up the good habit too. Everyone in his apartment complex now paused to greet each other. It was a delightful sight!

This clearly shows that a greeting radiates purity needed by one and all. Greet everyone enthusiastically when you meet them- family, neighbours, strangers, co-travellers or colleagues. Perceive it as an opportunity to create and radiate pure energy. Create an intention that their day will be perfect.

  Every word that you say must turn out to be a blessing, radiate happiness to all you meet irrespective of who they are or what they have done. Raise your energy field to energise them, energise the environment, and radiate a powerful positive affirmation to them. Wish them good morning by creating a thought that their day will be a happy day, wish people all the best by assuming that success is certain for them, wish them good evening by hoping that they will have harmony when they spend time with family, wish people good night with the thought that they will sleep well. Send them pure and powerful thoughts along with positive words. 

This is the easiest way to raise vibrations of people and your environment. Each time you do this you are the first one to experience happiness as happiness results from your thoughts. Greet people, do not wait for them. Greet all- younger by age, junior by position; ensure your goodness flows with everyone every time. It is possible that someone may not acknowledge your good wishes but do not give up your beautiful quality and continue to greet them the next day and the next, and the day after. Watch how the energy positively impacts your day and theirs. 

In a world that needs more peace, joy and compassion, be an instrument to radiate these energies, with just a simple smile backed with a sincere greeting. Let it be your first gift to everyone you meet that day. After all, who will not want a welcoming smile, a warm handshake and a polite greeting!

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