The little changes that matter !

In today’s world, a student’s calibre is generally judged by his marks. So if he scores marks above a certain percentage he is considered intelligent and after completing school will get through most of the best colleges/universities. However, if the child is not in that category, people  say, “Well don’t worry; there are so many OTHER colleges that will take you- but surely not the best ones”.

But is it right that young children have to be a part of the rat race, so soon? What about the qualitative aspects of a child? These are also important, like the child’s reading skills, speaking skills, presentation, confidence, so on and so forth. Once in the professional world, these qualitative traits will help more than their marks. In any profession today, other than the theoretical knowledge, such skills come in very handy. One may make the best power point presentation, but unless one presents it convincingly, the effort does not fetch the desired impact.

As an In-fluent facilitator, we focus on these fine qualities of a child and try to enhance them. As I conduct my classes, I come across so many students who have joined these classes because they seriously want to overcome their stage fright or improve their speaking/writing skills or become confident speakers. It is such a pleasure to see them come forward and participate in all the fun activities which ultimately aim to give them more practice in speaking and making them confident in their communication.

I particularly feel overwhelmed to see the changes that our classes bring about in the children, especially the shy ones. It is a pleasure to see them blossom, petal by petal. There are these few students who show slow but steady improvement. Earlier they could barely introduce themselves, but today they want to come forward and speak. They may still fumble while speaking, but at least they are eager to participate. In the first few classes they wanted to hide behind the taller students, but now they themselves make efforts to make eye contact with the teacher, so that she can ask them the answer to her question(s).

Are these changes LITTLE? No, for the child it is a miracle. Now, the child has started overcoming his inhibitions and can talk to others. The older ones can even discuss issues with others. Now, self expression is not an obstacle for them. These changes that the child goes through take him on cloud nine.

I feel fortunate to witness such qualitative changes in my students. And this brings us back to the point of good marks vs. average marks. Such qualitative changes in a child may or may not fetch more marks, but will surely be instrumental in improving his communication skills and preparing him to face the world. In fact, today all of us-entrepreneurs, service people, homemakers – everyone needs good communication skill classes online.

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