Joy of teaching

Here I was, with years of corporate work experience and none whatsoever with schools. When I joined In-Fluent Learning, the first question was ‘Do you want to teach?’ I was also unsure. After all, for all these years I had been dealing with adult learners, as part of my training and development background. But I took the leap of faith and joined the school program. During our training to be a speech and drama teacher, I realized it was fun, but not so easy. You may feel you are the perfect parent to your child, but alas, when you deal with 40 kids in one classroom, it’s only then that you realize your true potential! I surely realized that I needed an open throat, a lot of patience and of course a bottle of warm water to keep me going! As in any profession, love your work, and your work loves you back. I realized that if you give them love, they give it back to you and in abundance. Be yourself and take each plan, each activity as a stepping stone to know them, and in no time, it’s all a child’s play.

Children are the future of the world, but they need a lot of love and appreciation today. Yes, the syllabus needs to be done and the tests need to be taken, but they need to be prepared for thinking out of the box. Games and activities should be part of their routine just as much as studies. We should allow them to just be themselves. This is the fun way of learning things.

As an In-fluent Learning facilitator, you carry lots of happiness, energy, positivity and love to share this learning journey with them. They are taught essential skills like confidence, self-presentation, speaking skills, through drama-based activities. These skills are needed not just in school life, but beyond that too. Most of the activities are done in teams that teach them teamwork and they learn group dynamics and adjusting with each other. They end up learning more in teams and in such a fun way!!! Like it has been quoted by Benjamin Franklin
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”

So, I am now sure that I am at the right place with the right audience.
The smiles on their faces can brighten your day and their naughtiness can drive you crazy and it can also bring out the child in you and you stay forever young! So, do YOU want to teach?

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