Confidence – the winner

It was a pleasant winter morning. Dayanand Model School, Mandir Marg was all set to showcase the talent among their young students. The backdrop modelled Rajasthan – decorated in a colourful, traditional look with fancy dupattas and bangles. The stalls around were buzzing with the students inviting visitors to apply mehendi, taste the yummy delicacies and take a look at the colourful bangles.

In the classrooms, groups of kids were ready to perform their club activities including yoga, drama, science projects and speaking skills.

The In-Fluent Learning students participated with enthusiasm: They gave speeches, did short skits, conducted games for their parents and recited poems.

The classrooms were a great sight – well decorated with posters, feedback cards made by the students, visual idiom cards and of course the presence of the In-fluent teachers Geetika and Bhavna. Every parent who visited the rooms got to experience the children’s enthusiasm and talent!

Class 5 students invited the parents into the classroom and then engaged them with the Lucky 7 game! Class 4 students shared their experience over the year and described what they have learnt with In-fluent Learning such as self-introduction, tongue twisters, rhyming words and storytelling.
Class 8 students performed hilarious skits such as Modern Granny and Polar Bear in my fridge! The skits were scripted by our mentor and guide Ms. Feroza Bharucha.

It was a delight to watch these children perform and showcase their talent confidently in front of parents, chief guests of the event and the principal. Clearly, confidence was the true winner that day.

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