Losing yourself in books

“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the
world.” – Napoléon Bonaparte

True! Books are man’s best friend and true to this line we had a plethora of
best friends at the recent book fair at New Delhi. The New Delhi World Book
Fair held recently showcased stacks of some amazing collection of books.
Hosted at  Pragati Maidan  in New Delhi it is the oldest book fair after
Kolkata. The first New Delhi World Book Fair was held when I was not even
born i.e. March 18 to April 4, 1972 with roughly 200 participants. This event
takes place in winters, and is organized by the National Book Trust (NBT), India in association with India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO). This year it was the 27th book fair held from 5 to 13 January 2019. The theme of this year was ‘Books for Readers with Special Needs’ and Sharjah was the ‘guest of honours’ country. Hon’ble Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India Shri Prakash Javadekar inaugurated the event on 5 th January 2019 at 11.00 am and also said “Books and culture complement each other. The culture of reading in India is increasing day by day. Despite the growing digitisation, the demand for books has not decreased. This is the beauty of Indian culture”

I had the opportunity to attend this event. It took me one full hour to reach,
but once reached there I didn’t regret the time I spent on the commute. I was amazed to see the scale of this event. There were attractive hoardings, Security arrangements were tight. Each hall had many stalls managed by the respective publishing houses. There were local publishers, national publishers and international publishers. The stalls were attractive and well managed. Each stall was a delight to watch. Every publisher had their own way to attract the public; some were offering heavy discounts while some other had gift schemes. The owner of the book stalls left no stone unturned to ensure that their books are displayed in the best manner possible, also they did much more to attract the public such as book signings by author, author-reader interactive sessions, the release of first editions, and the sale of books at less-than-market prices They displayed children’s books, subject-oriented ones, books on language and literature, on performing arts, science and technology and much more. They had publishers like Penguin, Usborne, NBT, CBT, Rainbow, Bloomsbury, Oxford, Oswal, Ncert, MBD, Harper Collins, Hachette, Pan Macmillan, Scholastic, etc. I wanted to select some books apt for kids which had stories interesting enough for them so I started exploring the books in the kids section .It was challenging to choose the best amongst the surfeit of some really good books. Book fairs afford us an opportunity to make a selection of the books out of numerous published every year and I took full profit of it by grabbing some fabulous reads.
Jim Rohn once said: “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” In the era of television and digital media reading has lost its impact somewhere but there is absolutely no comparison of a good read. I believe books are indispensable to everyone. They are always there with you no matter what. Book fairs like these are intended to create among the people an awareness of the wide variety of books published and to inculcate in them the habit of buying and reading. Regular readers develop wide vocabulary and are great at expressing themselves. Regular reading not just improves you academically but also boosts up your confidence. Educators believe that children who read from an early age stand a far better chance of educational achievement than their non-reading counterparts. Personally for me reading has improved not just
vocabulary but also concentration, memory and self esteem. A book of your choice can prove to be your best companion in the journey of self growth.

Hence I truly believe “today a reader, tomorrow a leader”.

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