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This article was written by MASOOM GROVER from NIFT, Delhi campus as part of the course and she has agreed to publish this here as part of our blog page.

I believe that the qualities of a good leader can only be enhanced and not induced. This course has indeed helped to bring out the leadership traits in me. I’m a much self-aware leader today. I realized that I’m at my best when I’m valued as a team member. This was evident during two of the many team-related activities that were conducted in the class. During the first one where we were divided into groups of four and had to present a chart sheet on “Our Definition of a Leader”, I felt like a member whose opinions were valued so I took up the responsibility to get the members together so that we could all work in a collaborated manner. On the contrary in another activity involving “Role Play”, my teammates radiated disrespectful vibes and were cocooned to the known set of people. This made me disinterested in leading the team and I rather preferred to take responsibility for my own self.

These incidents made me realize that though I have a very strong opinion as a person, I lack an authoritative voice. In a real-time scenario, voice of authority is a pre-requisite to achieve the desired goal in the given amount of time. Also, I believe that a good leader makes sure that the credits of accomplishments belong to the entire team and not just him. However, during the times of crisis, he should take responsibilities and be accountable for the team.
This course has helped me immensely in my relationships with my friends and classmates in terms of communication. The SBI method of feedback has helped me understand the loopholes in my communication of the situations that went wrong between me and two of my best friends from school. The situation left us really distant. However, I pondered over the entire subject and decided to talk in a much sensible with clarity which made me have acceptance in their eyes. I gave them feedback and told them how their behaviour has impacted me lately. This cleared things between the three of us and now we are back together.
I can much relate to Transformational Leadership Theory as, in this, the leader engages with the members and is able to create a connection that results in increased motivation and morality in the entire team. The above-quoted examples are clear evidences of how my team affects me as a leader.
The entire course has been a journey of self-revelation and I look forward to being not just headstrong but also head-smart to handle situations where the members are not cooperative.

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