Communication – A catalyst for innovation

Partnerships at Educarnival, IIT Delhi

We at In-fluent Learning believe that “The art of communication is the language for leadership”.

Communication is the most important part of a person’s journey to success. Be it acing an interview, getting a job or advancing in your career, effective communication is the key and it all begins from school. This is the time when the child’s mind is like a sponge and their learning capacity knows no limit. This is the time to cultivate communication skills so that they are capable of expressing themselves clearly and confidently.

Communication begins at home with parents then siblings and friends and then most importantly teachers at schools or colleges. Teachers of course play a critical role in developing a child’s communication proficiency.

‘I don’t know what to write’, ‘I don’t have the right words’ ‘I am scared of starting conversations’ ‘I can’t frame sentences in the appropriate way’ and many more – these are very common fears that students and even adults put up frequently. Schools and college must take conscious action to help students work on these concerns before they graduate.

We recently participated in a national level event where we interacted with teachers and students from all over the country. The Educarnival 2018 held at IIT Delhi, brought together teachers from all over the world to witness and attend conference with the theme “Roadmap to a world class school”. This conference had round table sessions, planning and breakout sessions and several presentations for both school leaders and teachers. They offered session on topics like school safety, mentoring teachers, struggling students, etc. Principals, directors, teachers and other staff members from all institutions attended the conference.

Apart from the conference, there was an exhibition for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the education industry to talk about their offerings. Right from robotic techniques to quality furniture for the kindergarten. Some offered several computer courses and one which I personally loved was studying the psychology of students. One group offered career counselling session for the teenagers. All these exhibitors had put their best foot forward to showcase their expertise.

In-Fluent Learning had also exhibited our programs as an opportunity to interact with principals and teachers from across India. My experience of managing the stall was thrilling. Dealing with teachers and principals was definitely challenging but at the same time exciting and an amazing learning experience.

Since I was attending such a conference for the first time, I was really excited. Day 1 was the busiest day where we met a lot of teachers and their zeal boosted us as well. Talking to the principals and other staff members during the breaks and learning from their wisdom was enriching for me. The proactive staff at all stalls gave an energy of cooperation and I loved the way we all were talking to each other and learning about our efforts in the education industry. Their ideas and plans about the upcoming generation and their ideas of a world class school were enlightening.

I believe conferences like these give a good platform to entrepreneurs to exhibit their knack and capacity to bring about a change, a revolution. Three years ago we met SRDAV School through the same event and ever since then we have worked with hundreds of their students and now even working with their teachers. Last year we met Grads international and working with them through this academic year has helped us reach our communication skills enhancement program to first time learners from Greater NOIDA.

Looking forward to more such events, I conclude by saying:

“Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself.”

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