Learning To Lead Through Language: Going The Mira Model Way

School is a place where a safe and healthy learning environment is provided, where students feel engaged and discover their inner potential. In fact it is only through continuous efforts of teachers, school management and a dedicated principal who regularly monitor & evaluate changing needs of students which enables them to achieve high performance. Mira Model from this year onwards in order to improve communication skills of senior sections partnered with us, as education is not about only learning but also about sharing knowledge, expressing views and giving feedbacks. Students throughout the communication classes learnt multiple facets of body-language, extempore speech, voice modulation, creativity which brought clarity in their language. Mira Model’s vision of creating future leader through enhancing communication made a huge difference to all the students bringing clarity in their concepts, making them more focused and certainly many admitted to feel more confident. In communication classes students got the opportunity to discover things for themselves, making the process of learning enjoyable as well as beneficial. Often during the class we made students explain what happened in the previous class which developed their analyzing skills and brought more ease with the English language overall. The most rewarding result is when teaching and learning is visible to the student and learning is visible to the teachers and that’s what has been achieved in Mira Model.

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