Creating Confidence Through Communication: The In-Fluent Story

One can start a journey alone but can’t walk alone. One needs someone to support throughout. And bigger the goal, bigger the support one needs. The last two years have been about following a vision, believing in ourselves and making a difference. In the beginning, In-fluent was just an idea within the mind of our founder, Kanu Priya, but as time passed like-minded people joined in with their untiring efforts that has made In-fluent what it is today. Over these years In-fluent managed to partner with many schools where work involved handling students, school management, planning processes, and activities. As an organisation we regularly meet and discuss our lesson plans for the year, get frequent trainings in speech as to be updated but you know, just when you think that you have planned enough for the year, you actually haven’t planned enough. It’s the same with the ‘Process’ and ‘People’ ; but the one thing I know, is one can’t do without the other. They all are intertwined with each other; we can’t do with one and without the other; and the more we invest in people, disappointed sometimes as outcomes may be, it’s not in vain, because you never know when the seed falls on the ground, to give rise to a plant and then to a forest. These days children are almost better than teachers, but the role of a teacher has now evolved to that of a facilitator. Teachers are the ones who convert information into knowledge and at In-Fluent Learning we call ourselves as confidence builders. In two years our vision has been to provide the child a context, making learning fun, bring joy to the class where students acquire the art to become a curious, creative and confident person. Yes, we have achieved a lot and we are achieving it at a much faster pace, but the potential that we have is contingent on our student’s growth & confidence and we hope this journey continues lifelong.

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